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Biointerfaces – AG Prof. A. Rosenhahn

Our research is driven by the desire to understand the interaction of microorganisms and cells with polymer materials to inspire the development of environmentally friendly antifouling and biomedical coatings. Surface modification and polymer synthesis in conjunction with advanced surface characterization is used to correlate surface properties with biological response for a knowledge driven development of new coating technologies. To gain a deeper insight into the structure and dynamics of surface colonization by microorganisms, we develop and apply microfluidic assays, 3D tracking techniques, and X-ray nanoanalysis.

Überblick Themen


11. September 2023

Scientific Group Retreat 2023

We recently organized our first-ever group retreat, thanks to the initiative of four of our PhD students: Lisa, Jana, Onur, and Regina. Over the course of five days in the picturesque Eifel region, we enjoyed a mix of informative presentations, engaging workshops, team-building exercises, and evenings filled with (friendly) Mario Kart races and lively table soccer tournaments.

1. September 2023

Welcome Katrin

Join us in welcoming Katrin, the newest member of our research group, as she embarks on her Ph.D. journey with us.

25. August 2023

Conference Lisa

Lisa recently participated in the 18th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films (ICOMF) in Frankfurt, where she was a awarded a poster price for her excellent presentation on the swelling processes of amphiphilic zwitterionic polymer coatings. Congratulations to Lisa on this well-deserved achievement!

1. August 2023

Climbing excursion

The whole group came together for a day of tree-climbing adventure, and even with the rainy weather, the outing was a great opportinuty for team bonding!

5. Juli 2023

Florida Field Experiments

Our cooperation partner from the Florida Institute of Technology (Dr. Kelli Hunsucker and Dr. Geoffrey Swan) guided in conducting on-site experiments and provided our group members, Onur and Jana, with the wonderful opportunity to enhance our ongoing research through field experiments.

30. Juni 2023

New Paper

Interested in the analysis of biological matter with XRF? Check out our latest publication!

Single-Slice XRF Mapping of Light Elements in Frozen-Hydrated Allium schoenoprasum via a Self-Absorption-Corrected Hyperspectral Tomographic Reconstruction Approach Gräfenstein, A.; Brückner, D.; Rumancev, C.; Garrevoet, J.; Galbierz, V.; Schroeder, W. H.; Schroer, C. G.; Falkenberg, G.; Rosenhahn, A. Analytical Chemistry, 2023, 95, 27, 10186–10195


29. März 2023

New Paper

Discover how we used light-induced polymerisation to craft perfluoropolyether brushes of varying film thicknesses and how this impacts their antifouling performance. Congratulation to Emily on her latest publication!

Visible light-induced surface grafting polymerization of perfluoropolyether brushes as marine low fouling materials Manderfeld, E.; Balasubramaniam, A.; Özcan O.; Anderson C.; Finlay J.A.; Clare, A. S.; Hunsucker, K.; Swain, G. W.; Rosenhahn, A. Polymer Chemistry, 2023, 14, 1791-1800.


16. März 2023

Welcome Louisa

We’re excited to have Lousia on board as a Ph.D. student, contributing her skills and talents to our group.

17. November 2022

Conference AVS 2022

Jana and Lisa attended the AVS68 in Pittsburgh, both giving a talk. Jana presented her work on tuning the amphiphilicity of alginic acid-based polyelectrolyte multilayers to enhance marine fouling resistance, and Lisa talked about the anti-fouling properties of amphiphilic zwitterionic hydrogels.

29. Oktober 2022


Jana and Samantha presented their research at the 5th Young Materials Researchers Day. Jana gave a talk about tuning the amphiphilicity of alginic acid-based polyelectrolyte multilayers to enhance marine fouling resistance, and Samantha won a poster prize for her poster about NO-releasing hybrid polymers. Congratulations!

21. Oktober 2022

New Paper

Finally out! Our publication about the influence of backbone and charge separation on the fouling resistance of polysulfabetaines by Jana and Julian is now published in Advanced Materials Interfaces.

Optimizing Fouling Resistance of Poly(Sulfabetaine)s through Backbone and Charge Separation Karthäuser, J. F.; Koc, J.; Schönemann, E.; Wanka, R.; Aldred, N.; Clare, A. S.; Rosenhahn, A.; Laschewsky, A.; Rosenhahn, A. Advanced Materials Interfaces 2022, 9 (33), 2200677. https://doi.org/10.1002/admi.202200677.

17. Oktober 2022

New Paper

Interested in fouling-inhibiting plastrons? Emilys new paper is finally out, congratulations!

Thermoregeneration of Fouling‐Inhibiting Plastrons on Conductive Laser‐Induced Graphene Coatings by Joule Heating Manderfeld, E.; Nunes Kleinberg, M.; Thamaraiselvan, C.; Arnusch, C. J.; Rosenhahn, A.; Rosenhahn, A. Advanced Materials Interfaces 2022, 2201336. https://doi.org/10.1002/admi.202201336.

22. September 2022


Samantha attended the International Symposium on „Confinement-Controlled Chemistry and presented her work about the plasmonic response of nanoparticles in polymer confinement.

17. September 2022


Jana, Onur and Regina attended the Biointerfaces International Conference in Zurich and presented their research with poster contributions.

1. Juli 2022


Emily successfully passed her PhD defense. Her work focused on antifouling strategies using carbon and silicone based coatings which form surface active species.

31. Mai 2022


Today Patricia Gnutt passed her PhD defense. Her work focused on the synthesis and characterization of PDMS based environmental benign coatings and structural analysis of polymer monomers in reverse micelles.
4. April 2022

New Paper

Our new article on alginate-based multilayers is published in ACS Applied Materials Interfaces. Congratulations to Thuva and Jana!

Amphiphilic Alginate-Based Layer-by-Layer Coatings Exhibiting Resistance against Nonspecific Protein Adsorption and Marine Biofouling Gnanasampanthan, T.; Karthäuser, J. F.; Spöllmann, S.; Wanka, R.; Becker, H.-W.; and Axel Rosenhahn, A. ACS Applied Materials Interfaces 2022 14 (14), 16062-16073 DOI: 10.1021/acsami.2c01809

1. April 2022

New Paper

Andreas and Christophs new article on Μ‐XRF Imaging in HeLa Cells is now published, congratulations!

Spatial Distribution of Intracellular Ion Concentrations in Aggregate‐forming HeLa Cells Analyzed by Μ‐XRF Imaging Gräfenstein, A.; Rumancev, C.; Pollak, R.; Hämisch, B.; Galbierz, V.; Schroeder, W. H.; Garrevoet, J.; Falkenberg, G.; Vöpel, T.; Huber, K.; Ebbinghaus, S.; Rosenhahn, A. ChemistryOpen 2022, 11 (4). https://doi.org/10.1002/open.202200024

    Element distribution in HeLa Cells

4. März 2022

New Paper

Interested in the the reduction of fouling by alternating potentials? Our new paper is finally out, congratulations to Jana Schwarze!

Reduction of Biofilm Accumulation by Constant and Alternating Potentials in Static and Dynamic Field Experiments Schwarze, J.; Koc, J.; Koschitzki, F.; Gardner, H.; Hunsucker, K. Z.; Swain, G. W.; Rosenhahn, A. Biofouling 202238 (2), 119–130. https://doi.org/10.1080/08927014.2022.2027923.

1. Februar 2022

Welcome Lejla

We’re thrilled to welcome Lejla, our new Ph.D. student, who will be a valuable addition to our research team!